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Dj’s Playground

Boogaloo Cafe Hachioji

Where Djs Play!

“Old Days Lounge” (ODL) at Boogaloo Cafe in Hachioji, Japan was one of my greatest experiences as a Dj. Hosted by Arai Lazer, various Djs would come together and play their set. Genres ranged from Uptempo, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, House and Fusion. This event held every first Sunday of the month proved to be golden.



Beginning from noontime Djs were given their time slots and the music never stopped! Djs Zuki, Wagon, Crash, and many more poured their souls into the music, giving anyone who stopped by an eargasm. Though ODL recently finished after its ten year run, I’m sure this event has left an imprint on those who played and those who listened.



After moving from Los Angeles approximately one year ago, I found myself eager to share my experiences as a Disc Jockey. ODL definitely satisfied this hunger! I would like to thank everyone that I have met at ODL and truly appreciate the momentum that Djs continue to carry for music progression.

-Rhythm (Dj Ali)