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2月に行われた”Dance Junction”にて、いくつかのグループの内、私達Dance Food Productions “UNITY”が高支持を得る事が出来だので、ゲストパフォーマンスとしてパフォーマンスして来ました!
今迄にない巨大ステージ… いつもダンススタジオの箱の中で練習しているみんなには、大きく踊る/表現する事の大事を感じてもらえたと思うので、すっごく良い経験になりました!
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7/28~31に高尾のグリーンセンターにて”Dance & English サマーキャンプの開催が決定しました!3日間みっちりダンスに英語、ヨガ、森のナイトウォーク、BBQ、いろいろ楽しい事を企画中♪ 今後が更に楽しみです☆
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This May our young dancers and students of UNITY Dance School in Hachioji, Japan did a great job at their performance! It’s been approximately a year since Maya and I started our school, and the hard work is paying off. We constantly encourage our students to learn the history of Street Dance, which is American Culture. At the same time we emphasize English speaking skills and self discipline.

I recently had the opportunity to judge a dance competition here in Japan, and realized what kind of passion it takes to grow. Not only for dance, but as a human. I learned that life is a platform for us all to share and grow together. When teaching, I am also learning. It takes much time to sharpen ones craft. At UNITY Dance School we share our experience of love for dance, community, and music. We are still growing and encourage everyone to share