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New Online Hip Hop Dance Lessons!



This is Rhythm introducing my new online lessons with called, “Learn Hip Hop With Rhythm”! I’ve worked hard to create fun and easy dance lessons that anyone can learn. With more than twenty years experience in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry and the Los Angeles Community, I have acquired a deep love and passion for teaching. Working with kids, teens and adults from many backgrounds has taught me patience, determination and that everyone has potential! Dance is an art form that helps us in building life skills, confidence, and passion. If it weren’t for dance, I may have taken the wrong road in life. This is why I have much appreciation in opening a dance school here in Japan. I’m able to share great experiences with my students now and for the future!


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今回は私の新しいオンラインダンスレッスン”Learn Hip Hop With Rhythm”を紹介です!簡単で分かりやすく、ダンス経験のある、ない方々みんなが、楽しみながら出来るダンスレッスンです!







このオンラインダンスレッスンは全く新しいレッスンの形です!世界中いつでもどこでも、一人でも家族や友達とでも、ダンスレッスンを受ける事が出来るのがいいですよね♪ 是非是非チェックしてみてください☆